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This Acceptable Usage Policy sets out the rules which apply to the use of this website (, including your responsibilities as a user and permitted and prohibited uses of these services.

This policy applies to all visitors and registered members of this website. Your obligation is to comply with this Policy, failure to comply may result in suspension and permanent ban of membership to this website.

As stated in our Privacy Policy, all details you enter into any form on our website is stored on our servers and can be viewed at any time by our site Administrator. This applies for users who are both logged in or not.

By using this website you agree to: Act in a socially acceptable manner when posting any content on the website Not to post any racist, derogatory or discriminative comments on your account profile or in the site forums Not to spam the site which may include but not limited to, spamming forums, registering multiple accounts, posting links to external websites which are not relevant to the nature of this website.

If a user breaches this agreement, the site administrator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban a users email address, or IP address to prevent any further misuse of this websites services.

If you believe a user is in breach of this agreement please contact our site Administrator by email.

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