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To successfully and legally conduct cycle racing on public roads there is a long and involved process to get it to happen. As a result of this all MCCC members are required to assist at some stage in the running of these races. Usually no more than a couple of times a year.

The MCCC Executive therefor have complied a list of marshalling groups, with group leaders, to spread this load among all club members. Along with this there are detailed guidleines so all members know what their responsibilities are. Please take the time read these guidelines and also be aware if your turn to marshall is upcoming so that all members can enjoy their racing.

Marshalling Roster Guidelines – Your Responsibilities

Group Structure

Each member of the club has been placed into a group consisting of (x) number of members, resulting in a total of (x) groups. Each group contains the best possible combination of riders across the grades, so as to minimise the impact upon any particular grade when that group is rostered on duty. Additional groups may be added as the membership increases through the year.

Where possible, each group contains at least one (1) accredited Traffic Controller, one (1) accredited Commissaire, and one (1) accredited First Aid person. Training courses for each position are scheduled to run throughout the year, and members should be volunteering to attend these courses. A lack of volunteers will result in the committee selecting members for training. With regards to the First Aid person, it is preferable if this person does not fulfil any other duties on the day. With regards to Traffic Controllers, it is mandatory that they do not perform any other duties on the day.

Each group is has a group coordinator who shall be the single point of contact for that group. Members are required to supply contact details to their group leader, and also swap contact details with each other member of their group.

Group Responsibilities

The group is required to supply sufficient personnel to perform the required duties for the event to proceed in a safe and orderly manner.
 Duties to be performed are –

o Collection of the trailer from Camden Storage, unpacking the trailer and setting up

the required barricades, signs, and equipment, no less than 30 minutes prior to

race start
o Man the sign-on table (2 people)
o Traffic Control (minimum 1 person at Smeaton Grange, minimum 5 people at

Menangle, per the applicable Traffic Control Plans)
o Time keepers (1 person)
o Commissaire (1 person)
o First Aid (1 person)
o Recording results at the completion of each race
o Removal of barricades, sign and equipment and re-packing of the trailer. Delivery

of the trailer back to the storage facility.

Group members scheduled to Marshall at an event are expected to turn up ready to Marshall, not ready to race. If by chance there is another member (with corresponding accreditation) who is willing perform the marshalling duties in the place of a scheduled member, then the scheduled member may race if they so desire. The group shall decide as a collective who can race if there are excess traffic controllers. Disputes will be settled by the group coordinator, or a member of the Club Executive.

If a group member is unable to fulfil their duty for a race, they must try to find another club member who is willing to perform their duties for them. Where possible, this should take place as early as possible in the week preceding the race, not 30 minutes before the race start. It is preferable for the replacement member to have the same accreditation as the person being replaced. The member must also contact their group leader to inform them of the replacement.
If a group is scheduled to Marshall at a premier event (Macarthur Cup, Club Championship race, or Interclub, they shall be exempt from Marshalling that same event until all other groups have had a turn. Group members are encouraged to share contact details with other group members. Group Coordinator Responsibilities

The group coordinator is responsible to ensure that sufficient people are in attendance to carry out their groups marshalling and traffic control requirements for that day/race. They should attempt to contact all group members in the week leading up to the race to ensure that members are aware of their responsibilities, and are able to attend.
If a group member has informed the group leader regarding inability to fulfil their duties, the group leader needs to contact the replacement member organised by the original member to ensure they are aware of their requirements.

 Group leaders are to contact a member of the executive regarding any inability of their group to fulfil their scheduled roster. Group leaders may arrange for other group leaders to take their place for an event if they are unable to fulfil their duties. This is to be actioned in the same manner as any other members seeking a replacement.
 Group leaders are encouraged to share their contact details with other group leaders.
 Group leaders are to ensure that the executive have their contact details.

Failure to fulfil your duties

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some people fail to meet their responsibilities. This is no more evident than in asking people to give up racing for a day so that others may race. To this end, there must be consequences for those who fail to do so.

  •   Members who are scheduled to Marshall at an event, and who fail to attend without notifying their group leader, will be ineligible to race at a Macarthur run event until they have fulfilled a Marshalling activity. This does not mean turning up at the next event and standing around while other perform their duties. If there is no need for your services, then you are deemed to have not fulfilled your duties at that time. By all means, turn up and offer to take someone’s place so they can race, but if they don’t want to, then you still owe the club a turn at marshalling. The best advice I can offer is to contact the rostered members early in the week and offer to take their place on the weekend. Do it early so they can inform the group coordinators of the swap.
  •   Members, who believe that their inability to attend was unavoidable, may plead their case to the Executive who will decide each case on its merits. With almost everyone owning a mobile phone these days, it would be a struggle to find a reason to let someone off.
  •   Members, who are taking the place of another member by prior agreement, are subject to the above rule also. If they are unable to attend, they must contact the scheduled group leader to inform them.
  •   If there are insufficient numbers to meet the Traffic Control Plan requirements with regards to traffic control, and there are insufficient people to perform the timekeeping, judging, commissaire and first aid roles, then racing will not go ahead.
  •   Certain members of the club are exempt from traffic control duties for varying reasons. These members, whilst not scheduled for duty, should offer their services on at least a couple of occasions throughout the year as a sign of good faith and out of respect for other club members. Failure to do this may result in them being placed on the schedule and thus subject to the same rules as other club members.This is a club based upon the membership within it. Failure of each and every member to assist in the running of the club will ultimately lead to its demise. In order for this club to maintain its membership and current race schedule, and to increase both in the future, the load must be shared as equally as possible.Whilst the executive are happy to perform the tasks necessary to keep the club running in an efficient and successful manner, some of the more basic responsibilities and activities need to be borne by the entire membership.

    Best estimates based upon this rostering system mean that each member will only be required to perform marshalling duties 2 or 3 times a year. This is not a lot to ask for a safe, exciting, and plentiful race program. Successful implementation of this

roster system last year has seen us return to winter racing at Menangle. I hope that we can continue this seasonal racing for years to come.

MCCC Executive Committee.

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